Two became one
Coldside Parish Church is the result of the linkage of Clepington and Fairmuir Churches whose Kirk Sessions initiated and voluntarily agreed a basis of union in 2004. The linkage and union was beset with a number of problems to begin with and suffered from having two very short-term ministries. Following the departure of Rev James Redpath in 2006 there was a prolonged vacancy which ended with the appointment of Rev Tony Thornthwaite in June 2011.
During the long vacancy services were held in Fairmuir and Clepington on alternate Sundays but prior to Rev Thornthwaite’s induction the congregation, after discussion with the General Trustees, opted to worship in one building. Clepington was chosen as the sole place of worship and Fairmuir was closed on 24 April 2011. The Fairmuir property was sold and the proceeds transferred to the General Trustees to be held for the benefit of the congregation and to be applied towards the refurbishment of Clepington. To complete the picture it was decided to change the name to Coldside Parish Church (Coldside being the name of that area of Dundee)
The parish is about 1.5 miles north of the city centre and is the second largest in the presbytery. It consists mainly of local authority housing, private housing, industrial and retail units and shops. With the demolition of four large multis the area is in a process of redevelopment. There are several sheltered housing complexes within the parish.
Other buildings in the parish include Kings Cross Hospital which now houses NHS clinics and administrative offices and two youth and community centres. Dens Road Primary School is a few hundred yards from the church.
It may be of interest that the stadia of both Dundee’s senior football teams are in the parish.
We have adopted the Unitary Constitution and a number of committees including Finance, Property, Care and Events report regularly to the Kirk Session.
The morning service is at 11 am each Sunday lasting about 1 hour and followed by tea and coffee. Pew Bibles and Mission Praise books are available with words and pictures also on Powerpoint.

Ambitious plans to upgrade the building to meet the requirements of the 21st century and make the most of the existing architectural features have been mostly fulfilled.

A video showing the updated interior with some historical background is available here.

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